I thought I’d seen it all

I hadn’t much electrical work to do until Thursday and spent most of my time at home working there. One of the tasks I had other than that work E and I have been doing in the bathroom was to carry out repairs to the central heating reservoir tank up in the loft area. In the event I had to change the ball valve assembly replacing it with one I had in out cellar storeroom because I didn’t have a replacement washer for the old one. I had to revisit the loft again the next day as I had installed the replacement valve at a slight angle from the vertical which caused the ball to catch the side of the tank.

I Thought I'd Seen Everything
I Thought I’d Seen Everything (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This meant that it wasn’t closing the valve properly allowing the tank to fill up beyond the overflow pipe. Such are the trials of doing my own repairs, not that I am incapable, I am not but once in a while I make mistakes like everyone else. I had been to a job late in the morning but spent most of the time there chatting with the woman about make-up and other girly things. I got back home about 1.30 and had lunch with E who soon afterward went to do the weekly shop with her mum. That is when I discovered the overflow pipe was still dripping out the odd spot of water and was when I revisited the repair. Hopefully all that is now history, well until the washer wants replacing again years down line. By then I’ll probably get someone else to do it if I am still here! I received a call to do an emergency job for somebody living about three miles away but I was expecting E to return home and didn’t really want the work as it was early in the evening being 6.30. I don’t usually do emergency call-out work but have been known to take on the work occasionally. Just then E returned home and she said that I should go if I wished. She’s good with those kinds of suggestions! Apparently, according to the father of the woman in whose house the emergency was supposed to be, there was all sorts of exposed wiring behind the washing machine when he pulled it out ready for a new one to be installed. He didn’t want to touch it in case he caused more problems or was electrocuted in the process. He explained over the phone that his son-in-law had abandoned his daughter and their two children and he had been responsible for the bad wiring. I agreed to go there and try to set things right. There were no exposed cables but simply a connector box which though too small was connecting the washing machine’s flex directly to the circuit cables. I removed it and fitted a socket outlet in a more accessible position. That made that part of the circuit safe but there was another underlying problem. The cable to which I had fixed the socket was apparently connected to a multi-way socket beneath the oven which in turn was plugged into a socket above the worktop. That in itself required to be looked into but further than that the cooker hob which has four heating rings was also plugged into the same multi-way socket! The oven was connected to the cooker circuit provided for that purpose. The hob should be connected to that same supply! I will be returning there at their convenience to put right those faults but in the meantime I left the woman with instructions not to use the hob whilst the washing machine is in use. How anyone could just leave home and leave things in such a dangerous condition without regard for the safety of their estranged family is beyond me. I returned home to a late dinner which E had just prepared. The phone rang again. Someone else wanted my services the following day. I thought I’d seen it all…………..

Shirley Anne

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