Closer to the finishing line

On Saturday it cannot have escaped most people’s notice that the world-famous Grand National horse race was run at Aintree, Liverpool. That course is about sixteen miles from where I live though at one time I lived much closer than that, about three or four miles away. The only time I ever visited the course was in the mid to late sixties in a professional capacity. I was a stand-by emergency electrician there only to reinstate the electricity supply for the television cameras and equipment. I was never interested in the races themselves and I suppose that was a consideration in my being selected for the position, I could be trusted not to wander too far from my station. Many people gamble on the race but the thought has always been far from my mind to follow suit. I entered in a raffle one year at work but only because I was under pressure to do so as there was only one ticket left. I reluctantly accepted and to my surprise but probably much more so the surprise of the organiser, I won. The horse’s name was Aldaniti ridden by Bob Champion who I am sure many of you will remember. I won the princely sum of £48 for my £1 ticket. I watch the race each year though on television but only that race, no others. I had the chance to sit down and watch the live broadcast late in the afternoon having spent the morning doing some work in the bathroom, I got the radiator working and can only assume it still had an air lock preventing it working properly before. I fitted the replacement air vent plug at the same time. I also fitted the wall mirror which covers the inspection panel at the rear of the shower unit and I laid the shower tray temporarily in position to establish what work if any had to be done before it is fitted permanently. Here are some more pictures….Bathroom 80Bathroom 82











Bathroom 83Bathroom 81













Shirley Anne

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