Grand tour of the cellar!

It stopped working, it was too far from the metering equipment. I am referring to the new power monitor we were given when British Gas installed the new smart meters a few weeks ago. We had it standing in the kitchen but it appears that it was at the limit for the Bluetooth signal to connect with the metering. It had to be repositioned and the only practical place to site it was near the steps leading down to the cellar, however there was only one power point there which is used for a table lamp. I had to install an extra point, preferably out of sight and close by to the intended position. That proved to be a very simple job and I had it done in thirty minutes. Here are the pictures.

Power monitor












Whilst I was taking pictures I thought I would continue down the cellar steps and take some of the rooms we have down there. Here they are shown in an anti-clockwork direction from the bottom of the steps004005. The sixth picture below shows the closed door behind which is simply a storeroom for my electrical bits and pieces along with other things.





















































































The last three pictures show the room we intend to turn into a toilet for access from the rear garden, the two doors will be removed and the spaces bricked up. A new door will hopefully be inserted in the wall at the side of the house for access. Two of the pictures show the access to the garage from one of the rooms. The rooms could do with a little tidying up but hey, they are in the cellar!

Shirley Anne

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