A concerted effort

English: Bathroom in 1920s apartment house wit...
English: Bathroom in 1920s apartment house with original light thulian pink and black tile, hexagonal floor tiles, and pedestal sink. Location is Los Angeles, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

E and I have been dragging our heels in regard to the bathroom progress, mostly because I have been otherwise engaged with my electrical work and she is limited to what she is able to do. We need to repaint the ceiling in places because of accidental damage and marks caused by the tiler. Some of the woodwork requires touching up with gloss paint too for the same reason. A few days ago we laid the shower tray permanently in position and sealed around the joint between the tray and the wall tiles using silicone rubber but we ran out of the rubber before we could complete the job. We bought some more a day later but haven’t had the time to resume the work. We were expecting the return of the tiler to do the small amount of unfinished tiling but he didn’t arrive. It isn’t a problem because we can do what is necessary ourselves. We had to make an eighty mile round trip last Tuesday in order to purchase more grout so we have everything we need to finish the small amount of tiling that is to be done. Following that we can then fit the glass panels around the tray and fit a plastic skirt around the wooden base on which the tray sits and then the shower cubicle will be complete. Once that is done we can bring the bath back into the room and do the necessary plumbing for it. When that is done we can box it all in and that will complete all of the work to finish the project apart from re-fitting the door and painting it. The door will need cutting down a couple of centimetres before it can be replaced because of the new floor tiles. Hopefully we can make a concerted effort this week to get most of that work done but as usual we may get diverted. All in all we think we have made great strides on this project considering the amount of work we have had to do, half of it preparatory, remember the work we did just to repair the floor, raising the ceiling and repairing the walls!

Shirley Anne

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