O Happy day

Icon of Jesus being led to Golgotha, 16th cent...
Icon of Jesus being led to Golgotha, 16th century, Theophanes the Cretan (Stavronikita Monastery, Mount Athos). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

O happy, happy day
Jesus loves me and Jesus saves
O happy, happy day
Jesus is the one I love.

Filled with sin and evil ways
That is how I spent my days
Till He came and changed my ways
And set my spirit free.

O happy, happy day…….

All my guilt He bore for me
All the shame and agony
All alone at Calvary
Because He loves me so.

O happy, happy day…….

Now I praise His holy name
And with Him I will remain
Much to lose but all to gain
Jesus Lord and King.

O happy, happy day…..

Copyright Shirley Anne 10 August 1995

Jesus died for me ‘today’

Shirley Anne

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Am I a lesbian?

English: An amplifier by Marshall Amplificatio...
English: An amplifier by Marshall Amplification, MG15DFX. Русский: Усилитель Marshall Amplification, MG15DFX. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well the short answer is no I am not but in my latest dream I apparently was one. As usual with dreams they are all mixed-up and seemingly consist of data not normally mutually connected. Quite often in my dreams I am an electrician which is hardly surprising as I am one! However, I am not a lesbian even though I am one occasionally in my dreams. In this dream I had just completed a sizeable job for this guy, who I remember was very tall. When it came to paying me he didn’t wish to reveal to his wife who was standing close-by just how much he was giving me so he quietly slipped the money into my hand. Realising it was coins that he gave me I knew it wasn’t enough for the work I had done. In fact he had given me a mere five pounds. I felt unable to question the meagre remuneration as I had been friends with the couple and especially their daughter. Just then their daughter came into the house and she and I were left alone for her parents knew their daughter and I were close. I have no idea why my Roland guitar amplifier figured in the dream but at that point I became aware of its presence, so much so that it consumed my thoughts. I found myself in the arms of my lesbian lover and then she was gone as if trying to distance herself from me for no apparent reason. I chased after her as she darted in and out of the crowded streets we suddenly found ourselves in. I saw her dash down an opening and straight onto a bus and I lost her. Still I seemed more concerned that my amplifier was missing and thought she had taken it though how that was possible I couldn’t figure out. I then found myself back at her house with her parents who by this time were having sex and couldn’t speak with me yet they seemed to be in the same room as me and fully dressed. Just then their daughter came back and we hugged and kissed and I forgot all about the amplifier which was standing on the floor across the room. I was happy again for two reasons and then I woke up.

Shirley Anne

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