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Ainscough Flour Mill on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Burscough. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the time you read this we will probably have fitted the plastic skirt around the shower tray platform, the architrave around the entrance to the main part of the room, the inspection cover for the shower tray, completed the remaining filling in here and there, the painting, the blanking plate to the visible side of the toilet to hide the pipes and hopefully will have returned the bath to the room and perhaps fitted it though I am not sure the water pipes will have been done but they shouldn’t take long. All these little jobs seem to take longer than the larger ones but we have had a few spare days in which to make the desired progress. One day soon we may be able to have a soak in the tub! Not that we haven’t a bath elsewhere, we have but it is in an en-suite to a bedroom. Neither of us do anything over Easter, that is we don’t go anywhere, preferring to remain at home during the holiday period. The Spring term for schools ended last week and children will be at home and that means they will be everywhere else with their parents too. On Tuesday afternoon E and I wanted to visit a new eatery for a change, one we haven’t previously visited. However, the place we actually drove to was somewhere we had been to before but many years ago. It is a lovely little pub out in the countryside which like many around these parts, sits alongside the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. The weather was beautiful on Tuesday and many people were out enjoying it. When we pulled into the car park we found it to be filled to capacity and there were a few people making their way into the establishment. I thought to myself, small pub, crowded car park, parents with children some of whom we saw making their way inside, not much space and loads of noise. We chose to give the place a miss this time and drove off somewhere else. We chose a place some five miles further afield, a place we go to once in a while and to our delight found it with far fewer clientele and plenty of space though when we had nearly finished our meal a large party of people arrived for their special occasion, whatever that was. They had a large table set out in readiness for their arrival, close to where we were sitting. It is usually mid-afternoon when E and I dine out so we don’t expect the places we visit to be too full of people, which is the way we like it. Once or twice we have had our afternoon at the restaurant somewhat spoiled by someone’s unruly child so we prefer to avoid places that we know will be full of children running about and making a nuisance of themselves. We’ve nothing against children of course but expect them to be on their best behaviour in a restaurant. Most of them are. I was out working for a couple of hours the following morning but returned home to continue doing some of those little jobs in the bathroom.

Shirley Anne

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