Busy holiday period

E and I have worked every day since Friday except for Sunday when neither of us did anything. Our aim was to get as much done on the bathroom project as we could during the seasonal break. We managed to fit the glass screens around the shower because our youngest son was at home some of the time and without him I doubt I would have been able to carry the one glass panel we had stored in the cellar up to the first floor of the house. The other of the two largest panels had been left on the landing outside the bathroom a few weeks ago but somehow I managed alone to move that into position and fit it in place on Saturday. It weighed something like 25Kg. The other panel, the largest of the three weighed in at 37Kg and needed two people to move it. That panel had been stored in the spare bedroom a few months ago when it was purchased. The other panel had been purchased more recently when we discovered it wasn’t included in our original purchases. I had been out at work when it was delivered and E had it stored in the garage. With help from C our youngest the large panel was moved into position on Monday morning but it was left for me to fix it by myself. That wasn’t a problem, the main problem was getting it into the bathroom and placing it on the shower tray, that required two of us. He went out for the day and E and I got on with the work. You can see the result in the pictures below. The next job was to prepare and fix the tap column in position ready for connecting it to the water supplies later. Once that is done all that there will remain left to do will be boxing in the pipework to hide it and refitting the main door to the room.

Bathroom 90Bathroom 91












Bathroom 92Bathroom 93












The last two pictures show the tap column presently only secured at the base until the pipes are boxed-in when the column will be secured and supported further up from the base. The square collar that can be seen halfway up the column is not fixed and will be slid down to rest on the finished box. An updated picture will follow when it is finished. After the day’s work E and I drove to a superstore to purchase a metal and glass tray for use in the wet room, which I fixed to the wall later, a free-standing toilet roll holder and new chrome finished furniture for the door to the bathroom.

Shirley Anne



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