Just woodwork left to do

As I had no electrical work to do on Wednesday I could become a plumber again for the day but first of all I had to grout in the three floor tiles I had refitted in the wet room on Monday morning. The tap column in the bathroom needed to be connected to the hot and cold water supplies both of which could be found in the airing cupboard behind the tall towel radiator. The toilet cistern, the shower unit and the hand basin are all connected to the cold water main which has the advantage of being at a higher pressure. The mains water can also be drunk if so wished using the tap over the hand basin. The hot water supply is from the hot water cylinder which in turn is supplied from a storage tank above the airing cupboard ceiling. We chose however to supply the bath’s cold water from the storage tank so that both the hot and cold water supplies to the tap would be at the same pressure. However the pressure from the storage tank is quite low because it is located insufficiently high enough to obtain a high pressure. The pressure has always been adequate for the bath supply and the old bath used to fill up quite quickly. Nothing has changed to reduce the pressure which in fact should be that tiny little bit higher as the new bath sits closer to the storage tank than the old bath did but in fact the pressure at the new tap is actually lower! This is because the final flexible connecting pipes that run inside the column are reduced dramatically in diameter. The supply pipes are both 22 mm but the flexible pipes are only 10 mm or thereabouts. This does restrict the flow of water. So the task for the day was to remove the shelving from the airing cupboard and connect into the hot and cold water pipes taking the new pipes down to the floor and out under the wall supporting the radiator to connect to the flexible pipes to the tap column. It took some time to cut and assemble all the pieces and fittings but eventually it was completed and I tested it by partially filling the bath…..(click on image once or twice to magnify)Bathroom 94

Once all the plumbing was done I had to reinstate the three shelves inside the cupboard and fit some supporting timbers and clips to hold the new pipes. By the time I had tidied up it was half past three and I had missed my lunch! Actually, I had deliberately forgone lunch so that I could finish the work. All that needs to be done now is to box in the pipes beneath the tap column and cut and refit the room’s door, all woodwork.

Shirley Anne

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