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So Thursday saw me refitting the bathroom door after cutting a couple of centimetres off the bottom of course as the floor is now covered with tiles and the plywood they are fixed to. I fitted new door furniture to match the decor inside the bathroom but left the furniture on the outside as it was before. The next task was to begin boxing in the pipework supplying the tap column which sounds easy but in fact is very involved because of the shape we have chosen. The shape is approximately the quadrant of a circle with part of it removable as an inspection panel. I spent all afternoon working on it but by early evening it was still not finished though I was! I was going to resume the job on Friday morning but I received a request to do some electrical work. It had been just over a week since my last electrical job probably due to the Easter holiday but it allowed me more free time at home to continue with the bathroom. The room is just about finished at this time of writing with only the inner surface of the door to receive another coat of paint and of course the boxing in of the pipes which if not finished on Friday should be by Saturday. The room is back in use and E and I have each used the new shower though both the toilet and wash basin have been in use for a couple of weeks. I hope to be able to use the bath this weekend and have a good soak, something I haven’t been able to do for months though I could have used the en-suite bathroom had I wished. Having a shower is fine but it doesn’t compare with a relaxing time in a bath.
I have a lot of usable sundry items at home, screws, nails, wood, piping, fittings and many other things and I make use of these resources as much as possible before resorting to purchasing things when doing work at home. As far as screws and nails are concerned I haven’t needed to purchase any but whilst fixing some supporting timber inside the boxed area I have constructed I found I was one screw short of my requirements. Isn’t it just typical that I had screws one centimetre shorter in length and screws one centimetre longer than I could use! Often I will find I have three of one type of screw and another of a different type if I am looking for four all the same. I have thousands of screws by the way but there are so many different sizes and types that sometimes I will have to select ones other than I would like to use to get the job done. If the screws are not on view then it doesn’t matter as long as they fit the purpose but when they are on show it is a different matter.

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