My involvement has ended

On Saturday afternoon my work on the bathroom project ended and all that remained to be done was filling and painting the box which covers the pipes to the bath tap column and painting the rear of the main door once more with its final coat. E will be doing that or will have done most of that on Monday if she has the time. There is one other job I have to do in the airing cupboard which wasn’t a part of the project per se but needs to be done when I get some spare time and that is to replace the immersion heater in the hot water cylinder which hasn’t worked for many months. During construction of the bathroom I lay in a new cable from the existing switch located downstairs and left it in the cupboard ready to connect to the heater when it is replaced. If you have been reading my bathroom posts you may remember me writing about the heater. When I originally rewired the house 25 years ago I couldn’t gain access to replace a section of existing rubber insulated wiring to the heater but once the bathroom project got underway I seized the opportunity to replace it. I will need to put an isolating switch local to the heater even though it will never be switched off in normal use. The switch downstairs will be used to switch the heater on if required. The cylinder is generally heated by the gas boiler with the electrical heater used as a standby. My electrical work is beginning to build up again after the Easter break but I am sure I’ll have some time to make a start on the next home project, the toilet in the cellar (basement). Preliminary work involves removing the door which leads out into the garden beneath the stone steps which lead up to the kitchen seen in this early photograph before we had the patio built and whilst we had the workmen in to replace the windows almost four years ago.16

The kitchen door is the wooden one at the top of the steps and directly beneath it out of sight is the door leading into the house from the garden. There is also another door before that one is reached but it can only be opened from the inside. The plan is to have that door opened from the garden or even bricked-up and done away with and for the main internal door opening to be bricked up too. There is a new door on the other end of the house which gives access to the garden so the old one can be bricked up without loss. Once that is done we plan to open a new doorway at the side of the house immediately round the corner and located this side of the black soil pipe that can be seen in the photograph above. At the same time as that opening is made we will have to brick up the internal door to the area.023

The internal door hangs in the blue painted frame and the door leading out beneath the stone steps is the one painted white inside. The new opening will be directly facing the door opening around which is the blue frame. It will be the only access to what then will be garden toilet. We may have to relay the floor in the room or replace it. We may employ a builder, perhaps E’s nephew, to create the new opening as a suitable lintel will be required and I would rather get a professional to do that work, I can brick up the other doorways myself, with a little help from E of course! So that’s the plan.

Shirley Anne

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