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I like football, that is watching the game but not all of the time, in fact I get bored if I watch too much. I haven’t been following the world cup games just as I didn’t take an interest in the qualifying games. I couldn’t even tell you when they took place either. However I did watch the England match against Uruguay, a match they needed desperately to win. Six of the players taking part all play for Liverpool but the only one Liverpool player on their side (Suarez) scored the winning goal! In fact he scored the first goal of the match. I watched as Uruguay scored that first goal which happened in the first half of the game. In the second half England pulled one back through a Manchester United player (Rooney) but soon afterward Uruguay scored again and despite trying hard to score another equalizer England failed. I knew in my heart they would. A few days ago I told E that they didn’t have the capability to get far in the competition. It’s not that they haven’t got good players or a good team but for me I just don’t think they are good enough and there are many other better teams in the world. I was accused of being too pessimistic but I was just being honest. I would have loved them to do better and to go on to even win the trophy but I had to be realistic and honest about it. At this point in the proceedings England now have to rely on the results of the other teams in their group being favourable for them to remain in the competition. I think that isn’t good enough. No team should have to rely on the results and failures of others. Life’s like that, we are all responsible for our successes or failures, we cannot blame others for our own deficiencies. So I haven’t been following the games but will still keep an eye on England’s performance, good or bad. At the end of the day it is only a game. Now it is Friday evening and the England football team will be returning home having being knocked out of the competition by the Costa Rica and Italy result where Costa Rica won the game. Oh well, there’s always 2018 to look forward to!

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  1. I absolutely agree with u. England has got world class players but looking at England from the world cup point of view, it doesn’t look good. The English players have got to learn how to work together. Their team chemistry is lower than that of Coasta Rica. In fact, Coasta Rica had a much better performance than England. I will not be surprised if Coasta Rica wins their final group match against England.

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