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When I paid a visit to see the doctor last week for an unrelated problem she reminded me that I should be having another blood test as a routine procedure to monitor my cholesterol levels. This particular test requires that I give a blood sample of course and it also requires that I don’t eat anything for the preceding twelve hours. That is the hard bit! Although I can fast and have done on occasion in the past, often for a whole day or even two and don’t find it difficult I do find the first few hours the hardest. So I had a late evening meal on Monday before 8 o’clock and my appointment was at 9.20 the following day. I had to have a round of toast on my return home at 10 o’clock, enough to curb my appetite for a few hours until we dined out in the afternoon.

Preparation of serum cups for a lipids panel d...
Preparation of serum cups for a lipids panel designed to test cholesterol levels in a patient’s blood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I won’t know the results from my test for a week or so and if they are positive, that is low in cholesterol levels I probably won’t find out at all unless I ask my doctor. If however the levels are too high my doctor will probably call me in to discuss what I need to do about it. That I already know, eat less dairy produce and red meat, eat more fruit and vegetables and foods which naturally reduce levels such as both of which I do now. In fact I don’t think it is possible for me to eat any more fruit and vegetables daily as I am doing at the moment! My daily intake in that department is usually something more than eight of the five recommended portions. As long as the cholesterol levels are reasonably low I shan’t worry about it.



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  1. If your doctors’ practice is doing its job, they should also check your blood for other things, such as sugar levels and kidney function. When the results are in, mine also call me in to check my weight and blood pressure, and from that calculate my chances of nasties like coronary heart disease. So your anticipated positive result will hopefully be reassuring in more ways that one.

  2. Thank you Angela. The main reason I have these periodic tests is because I am on hormones that are metabolised by the liver. They test for lipids mainly. My blood pressure is checked almost every time I visit the surgery. The tests are not done as part of what you might call a routine health check because of my age, they are specific to my taking hormones. If I wanted a general health check and other tests I would need to ask for them as a rule unless they thought I needed them.

    Shirley Anne x

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