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Female Border collie puppy, about 9 weeks old (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I like dogs. They are my favourite in the animal kingdom. I have owned a few of them over the years. However I don’t like them all. Small dogs I tend to dislike the most for it seems they have an attitude problem, probably because of their size. It is fair to say they aren’t all like that but even so I prefer the larger breeds. I get to see many dogs in my travels as an electrician so I am quite used to their behaviour. Some of them are quite aggressive, some are over-friendly to the point of being a nuisance, getting in the way whilst I am trying to work. I put that down to their owners though who should know better than to leave their animals roaming about when people are working in their homes. Speaking of this in particular, I was working in a house a few years ago and had several floorboards up in the hallway and lounge. The lady of the house owned a poodle which although was only six months old was still quite large but being a puppy and an excitable one too, it was all over the place. It was a wonder it didn’t end up down one of the holes in the floor. After a few minutes I had to insist that she take the dog away to another room for I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing. To my surprise the woman seemed a little offended and explained that it was only a puppy. Well that was alright for the puppy but not for anyone working there. She did remove the dog and I was able to get on with the work. I can understand why postmen have problems but when you have to enter the premises as well it can be more problematical.

jack russel terrier
Jack Russel terrier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One thing I don’t like about some dogs is their lack of obedience. Again this is down to their owner not having trained them properly or even at all. Dogs that do not stop barking are another pet (forgive the pun) hate of mine but this too is down to a lack of training or the dog has been left alone too long or is even suffering in some way. There are a few people near to where I live who own dogs, my next door neighbour is one. Her dog is a Border Collie but it is well-behaved and seldom barks for no reason. Another neighbour, whose rear garden adjoins ours, has two small dogs, one of them is a Jack Russel terrier who barks at anything and everything when let out into the garden. It is quite frankly a pest. Next door to them is another dog owner. Their dog is a larger breed but I am not sure of its pedigree. It also barks too much at times, in fact this particular dog was barking continuously for about a half-hour on Sunday afternoon whilst I was relaxing out on the patio. I have to say I was very annoyed at the owner for not doing something about it though they may not have been there. I remember one day a few years back when there was a dog barking all day long. That dog was remote from our house but could still be heard. It only happened once so I assume the owner had been inundated with so many complaints that they dared not let it happen again. It is a breach of the peace to allow a dog to bark continuously and it cannot benefit the dog very much either. Yes I love dogs, most of the time!

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