What will number three be?

Feel the Pain
Feel the Pain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say that not only do misfortunes never come singly but rather they often come in threes. I had that unfortunate episode on Saturday and on Sunday morning soon after I arose at seven to visit the toilet with every intention of returning to bed for an hour but I changed my mind and had a shower instead. Soon after my shower I started to feel severe pains in my stomach. I do seem to suffer with my stomach more often than I’d like, if I could say I liked the suffering, which obviously I don’t! The pain was one I am well familiar with, that caused by trapped wind. It is a very unpleasant condition and the pain often lasts unceasingly for hours. No matter what position I take up to ease the pain it changes nothing. I take to sipping warm water if I am able to swallow it and it does help to shift the wind but it takes a long time. This time however my condition became worse as the morning passed. I knew it wasn’t just a matter of trapped wind, though that was partly responsible, it either had to be food poisoning or I’d caught a nasty stomach bug. So I had a two-fold problem and the pain was excruciating all the way through to one o’clock. Sometimes I’d feel nauseous and want to vomit and indeed I did do that twice but there was nothing to expel other than bile. I even spent almost two hours sitting on the throne in the wet room which seemed to help. At one point whilst in there I broke out in a sweat and had to remove all my clothing, even the hair band I was wearing had to be removed too. After fifteen minutes of that I started to feel cold and had to switch on the fan heater in the room.I called out to E who was showing some concern for me but knew there was little she could do. I asked her to fetch my bathrobe from my bedroom so that I could wear that instead of my day clothes. It was almost two o’clock before I emerged having been in there since eleven o’clock. Although the pain had subsided a little and I was feeling much better it still remained with me during the rest of the day. By late afternoon it had progressed to my intestines and I waited patiently for the inevitable outcome, if you’ll forgive the pun. I won’t go into further detail at this point. Needless to say I hadn’t eaten throughout the day for that would have been foolish and would only have aggravated the situation. I only sipped on warm water. So there you have it, a rather bad weekend with two misfortunes and I am wondering if and when there will be a third.

Shirley Anne


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  1. Dear Shirley Anne, I’m very sorry to hear that you’re poorly and I wish you a speedy recovery. You’ve certainly had a rough time since your hair transplant and it does seem that, when we’re emotionally drained, we’re more susceptible to physical illness.

    Next time you have trapped wind, may I recommend flat Coke? My doctor recommended it and it was so effective that I suggested he should bottle it and make his fortune!

    Angela xx

  2. Thank you Angela, most kind of you. I am not feeling too bad today, little headache to speak about, no aches and pains and I am eating well now. I just need to stay at rest to build up my strength but I am biting at the bit just now. The job I was going to do last Saturday I shall hopefully get out of the way this Saturday! It isn’t strenuous work just a little time consuming. I hope to have my stitches removed tomorrow too as you must have read, so things are now much better, thanks again. The Coke idea sounds improbable but I’ll give it a go next time (hopefully never but I doubt it). It will have to be diet coke though! I was once advised by two old dears at a house I was working in to just sip warmed water. That worked I have to say so perhaps it is just the fact that the remedy is to drink flat liquids of one variety or another but I will certainly try the coke, it is much more pleasant to drink something with a flavour.

    Shirley Anne

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