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Driving in My Car
Driving in My Car (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whilst out driving recently E told me a really funny but true story concerning her late father. We had been talking about driving conditions and I had mentioned an experience I’d had a day earlier when driving eastward from home to a job earlier in the morning. The morning sun was full in my face which made driving difficult and dangerous too. She told me about the time her father had been driving in thick fog in the depths of winter and how at every turn he seemed to have a tail of vehicles following his. All of those followers peeled off to go elsewhere except for one who persisted in following him. Eventually her father stopped his vehicle, got out and walked back to the car which had followed him for miles in the fog. As he approached a window was wound down and the lady driver inside asked him why he had stopped where he had. He replied, ‘I live here’! She had followed him all the way home and even onto his driveway! Well I couldn’t stop laughing at that. Keeping with her family I was reminded of the time many years ago when her mother was out driving in the fog too. She had come upon a large roundabout and according to her passenger had driven around it several times in the wrong direction trying to find the exit! You’ve got to laugh about it but it was a very dangerous thing to have done. It is bad enough driving in the fog but to do it driving in the opposing direction to all other road users could be disastrous. Fortunately on this occasion every other driver had stayed indoors! The first of these two short stories was more funny that it was dangerous but the second was more dangerous than it was funny I am thinking. They were only ‘one offs’ so to speak but many people I imagine drive like that all of the time.


Author: Shirley Anne

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