Facebook? Don’t think so!

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A sort of follow-on from my recent post about manipulation. I have several email addresses which I have gathered over the years and the original idea was to have each one for a specific use. One I use in connection with my electrical business but it seldom gets used as people prefer the telephone, though I have had email requests for the less urgent jobs. My first email address was superceded by a newer version and I let my subscription lapse and a friend helped me set up a new address with a different provider because at that time I was unsure how to do it. Yes I know, silly isn’t it? I still have that address and it gets used occasionally. Another address I have is associated with this Blog. I recently subscribed to a new address in the hope that my existing contacts might follow me there but none have taken up the offer so far. It is a new provider who provides a totally secure service (Unseen.is if anyone is interested) based in Iceland but I am not here to advertise. My main email address is with AOL and it is the one most widely used in my everyday life. Well getting to the point of the post, two of the email providers also have their own news and current affairs pages together with other items of interest. Today, Sunday, after I had finished reading my mail on AOL I browsed their front page as I normally do for a little while and I came across an invitation to partake in little guessing game. The idea was for me to answer a few questions and they would guess my occupation. Needless to say that having answered their questions they got it totally wrong. They maintain that I have retired! I don’t know why it is assumed that everyone works in an office, for most of the questions were oriented that way but in the end it was only a little game. Now I suppose you will be wondering why all this has anything to do with Facebook. Partakers of this little game were invited to make a comment about their results in the quiz but could only do that using Facebook or Twitter. I have accounts with neither of them and never will. Why is it assumed that everyone has and why are these sites promoted everywhere you go on the Internet? Now I know of folk who have had a Facebook account or another similar account and they have since unsubscribed because of issues of privacy or security they had experienced with them. The problem with these sites is that they want to know too much about us. This is the main reason I have for not having an account with them. The thing is this, if we don’t place information about ourselves on such sites it is pointless using them. Here on this Blog I can connect with people without revealing too much information about myself. I can select what I choose to reveal because I am not using the site as I would if it were Facebook. It is getting so that we are being coerced into using these sites or be left out of things in a similar way to what I wrote about in my other post. I guess I am not a child of the system, the subscriber to places that want to know every detail about me. It is said that at some point there will be no such thing as privacy and I can well believe it. I have only to go out into the world and be followed by Big Brother’s eyes, the cameras that have popped up everywhere in the last twenty years.

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4 thoughts on “Facebook? Don’t think so!”

  1. Joint the club!

    Backing off from much of the net has been made so much easier by so many comment sections going through farcebook.

    I tried it briefly because so many I knew were abandoning blogs for the easy life of short pointless posts on sites like those which you mentioned…

  2. Google is another offender, wants to know everything about you even where you are when you connect (or even if you have an Android phone in the idle mode) to the Internet. I call that spying. They also want you to connect with everyone else (in g+) so you end up in a position as in the small picture above, just another connection in a huge web. I want to select with whom I want without others being able to tag along. I do use Google of course and have an account with them but I have disabled many of their functions. My Android tablet (Nexus 10) is kept switched off from the Internet unless I wish to connect sometimes (like updating apps etc.) If I were to leave it connected they could follow my every move if I carried it everywhere I go.

    Shirley Anne x

  3. Google only has to ask the UK government where you are since the new annual car tax is checked by constantly recording traffic and noting time and place and cross checking it with your details. I would suggest finding another van like yours and making a set of plates then they will never find you and you have no need to pay either, just saying…

  4. That assumes I am being constantly in a cameras view, which isn’t true and that I am always to be found driving my van, which also isn’t true. Carrying a phone or a tablet however may result in my privacy being undermined. At the moment none of these things are an issue but the way things are heading in this world you can bet your bottom dollar they will be one day.

    Shirley Anne x

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