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English: Mucking Flats. The flood defence wall...
English: Mucking Flats. The flood defence wall at Mucking Flats with the River Thames at high tide. The arable farmland to the left is at least a metre lower than the water level. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My readers may have noticed that I have changed a few things on this blog such as the colour of highlighted text which is now purple rather than blue. I think the change makes the presentation more alive. Readers may also note that my pages bars above have been rationalised, some pages have been removed as they have been inactive, that is no-one seems to be looking at them. Those which are left have been reorganised a little and have lost their numbering or lettering except the first six which are still numbered one to six. When I first started this blog I had so many pages up above that I had to number them if I wanted them to be in a specific order and I discovered that when number eleven was reached it ended up in position number two, twelve would be in position three and so on. This is because the software doesn’t recognise that number two should be in the second position. It is using the binary system. To get around the problem I had to number from one to nine and then change to letters if I wanted more pages in the order I wanted then on the page. It was far too cumbersome and didn’t really make the presentation easy on the eye. I remember WordPress indicating that the problem of not being able to place pages in the order wished without them being jumbled up would be sorted out one day. Well that day never came as far as I know. As an example, ‘My Story‘ would be displaced by another page if it that page was entitledĀ  ‘Gallery’ as ‘G’ precedes ‘M’ in the alphabet. I might not want the pages displayed in that order. I had to number the pages or affix a preceding letter to get around the problem. Over the last couple of years I have rid the pages bars of excess baggage and today, Saturday I have reduced the pages to a more suitable minimum. Unfortunately the first six pages remain numbered in order to keep them in the order I wish to present them. I hope the small colour change doesn’t distract my readers anyhow. Mentioning readers, I notice they come from all around the world and from many diverse places. Some countries represented have only one reader as yet but some have quite a number, places like the USA and Canada for instance, not to mention my own country, the UK. I had no idea I was so popular! I thank them all and especially you who are reading this right now, thank you. Now I must stop writing and get on with some domestic chores. Such is life.

By the way the picture has nothing to do with the post, except for the connection in the title.

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