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Tha Last Meal
The Last Meal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

E and I dined out on Tuesday just like we often do but before that I had to do an electrical job a couple of miles away. I was supposed to be there at eleven so accordingly I set off to arrive at that time. However just as I had put on my coat I noticed our eldest son opening the gates so that he could park on the driveway. He always chooses the driveway in front of the garage in which I park my van rather than the other drive in front of the garage in which E parks hers. That is because that drive is smaller in width. I motioned to him through the window that I was about to get the van out of the garage so he parked to one side behind our other son’s car which is still parked in front of the house as he hasn’t as yet organised its removal to the auction rooms. After a short hello to him and my lovely granddaughter I drove off to the job. The job itself was very easy but it later paid for our lunch! I was back within forty minutes and found the house empty. E had been in the shower when I left and had evidently gone out but without her car. She had gone shopping with our son for his weekly food supply. His wife was at work. They returned an hour later during which time I had changed ready for dining out. They stayed for a short while before returning home and soon E and I were off down the road for our meal. We chose a place about four miles out-of-town, somewhere we visit often but we hadn’t been there for about two months. When we arrived E noticed a paramedics vehicle in the car park and I quipped that they must be having their lunch but in fact when we went indoors we discovered they were attending to someone who had apparently fainted. It was an older woman who was looking rather poorly and they were carrying out several tests with their portable equipment. Her husband attempted to pay their bill whist she was being looked after but the manager waived the charges which we thought was a lovely gesture. About a half hour later the poor woman left in a wheelchair, off to the hospital it seems.
We saw that the interior of the restaurant had been refurbished slightly. The main area hadn’t changed much but the area in front of the bar had changed dramatically, all for the better we thought. We chose to sit in our favourite spot though and in fact the manager asked on our arrival if we wished to sit at our usual table. She obviously remembers us. We sat down and browsed the menu. I chose the salmon and E chose fish too, cod in batter. She only eats cod, says she doesn’t like any other fish except tinned salmon, ugh! Each to their own though. We ordered drinks and pushing the boat out we shared a garlic flat bread which arrived on a large plate and was smothered in butter and the garlic dressing. Very naughty stuff but delicious. Just before the main course I became aware of a voice at the adjoining table behind the half-screen that separated us. I reached over and tapped the guy on the back and he turned around. I said hello and he replied in kind. He is the manager of the electrical supplier I use and he was sitting with a colleague and also the owner of the  group of electrical outlets he owns amongst other businesses. They were discussing business over a meal. Even on my own time I cannot seem to get away from my work it seems and during the meal I received a call from a prospective client. They left shortly after and we continued with our main course, followed by a dessert. On our way back home E dropped me off at the bank so that I could make a deposit and then we drove on to the doctor’s surgery so that she could sort out matters regarding her prescriptions and whilst we were there I made an appointment to see the doctor regarding a minor problem myself. The rest of the day was spent just doing that, resting!

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