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It rained on Friday, it was cold and windy too but Saturday had been much different. Early in the morning it was misty and cold but as the morning progressed it became much warmer and there was little or no wind. The ground remained damp despite the sunshine but after a late breakfast at ten o’clock E and I decided to get out into the garden and do some work. She wore her warm wooly clothing under the rain proof jacket she keeps in the cellar for working outdoors if the weather is less than warm. She feels the cold more than I do. I was wearing my toe protective Wellington boots as I was going to be laying more heavy stone slabs and stones. Aside from my everyday clothes I was wearing a pair of overalls and of course gardening or gardeners gloves. Well I have to look after my painted nails! I set about digging out the remaining soil in order to lay the last few slabs to complete the work I had started on last week or probably the week before by the time you are reading this.

Path 1Path 2











Whilst I was doing that E was busy pruning back the gooseberry bushes that are in front of one of the greenhouses. She had pruned those which are in the vegetable plot last week. She didn’t finish doing all of them this time as she was getting a little tired and in any case she had been weeding out the flower bed too.


Pruned bushes 1

Pruned bushes 2












It was almost time for lunch by the time we had cleared everything away but we didn’t resume working after lunch. At this time of year there is no rush to do things as we are not competing with Nature as we might be doing in the growing seasons. Nevertheless weeds seem to grow all year round and are a constant reminder to keep them down as much as we can. We can spend an hour or two gardening at this time of the year almost whenever it suits us and the work soon gets done without over-taxing ourselves. The lawn is looking green and lush and it does need mowing but now is the wrong time to do it. We had thought the last time it was mowed would be the last but the weather has been so mild the grass has grown a little since. Of course it will now have to wait until the Spring, late Autumn is not the right time to cut it. We have scooped up most of the fallen leaves now though there are still some lying about, especially on parts of the lawn but they will either break down or blow away eventually. We could rake them off but it simply isn’t worth it besides there are more leaves in the space between the greenhouse and the wall which I usually remove in the Spring and which could be added to before then. Once the new slabs have settled down I will begin to fill in the spaces between them with concrete as I did with the main path we constructed during the Summer and of course we will move those gooseberry bushes that are in the vegetable plot away from the Laurels.

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