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The Unbelievable Truth (film)
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Monday morning, in fact all of Monday promised to be just another normal day for me but that didn’t last. I was to drive the six miles or so to a house I had visited the previous week to repair a wall light but this time the guy wanted me to assess the possibility of replacing his main electrical board and to rewire a blown fuse for one of his lighting circuits as a temporary measure. I hasten to add that the fuse had blown because of a faulty lamp and had nothing to do with the faulty light I had repaired. Just a coincidence. Anyway he called me whilst I was still sitting at home applying my make-up to ask me to carry out the assessment at ten o’clock. That suited me fine as my next job was at eleven o’clock another six miles or so across country to replace faulty equipment in an old converted barn now being used in connection with a dog kennel business. I was therefore in no hurry to rush breakfast. However, someone called and asked if I could disconnect an old cooker and return on Wednesday to connect a new one. The house was on the same route to my first job. I agreed to do it for him a little after my breakfast. Whilst eating my breakfast I received yet another call to assess the wiring and fitting of a couple of outside lights so I arranged a visit there on my way back home later in the day. Off I went to disconnect the cooker but discovered that when I was to return on the Wednesday I would have to make an alteration to the cooker’s switch set-up and explained that to the client. As I was leaving his house someone else called for me to do some work and as it wasn’t far from my now third job at the kennels I agreed to do that work too. I have been asked to return next week to do some more work there. So there I was at the second job to assess the requirements for a new electrical board when I received yet another call from someone living in a block of flats (apartment block) on the promenade in my own town. She wanted many power outlets and lighting switches replacing with the new ones she had purchased. I was to go and assess the work to see if what she had bought was suitable and to arrange a day next week to do it. I went there after I had visited all the other places and I shall be doing that work next week too. After I had fixed the guys fuse and assessed the requirements to fit a new board I was about to drive across country but on reaching the main highway there was a sign telling motorists that the cross-country road had been temporarily closed which meant a detour, a rather large detour too! What with the phone calls and other diversions I was beginning to tire of it all but I kept my cool as they say and stuck it out. It was around three-thirty by the time I had gotten back home and I was due for a late lunch. In my absence I had received two more messages on my house phone asking me to do more work. It goes like that sometimes and whilst I am happy to get the work I just wish it wasn’t all at once. I wonder too why it is people do not phone me in the evenings so that I can arrange my day. Spur of the moment requests are a pain and are unnecessary especially when the caller has known the work was to be done at some point. Why call me during my working day unless it is an emergency? Having said all of that I have to add that I work better when under pressure.

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