It spoils the day if you let it

Bread and butter custard pudding
Bread and butter custard pudding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a rather busy Monday I was grateful for a quieter Tuesday. I had two jobs to do in the morning though one of those was planned, the other I received whilst doing the first and as luck would have it reasonably close-by. Both jobs were still miles away from home nevertheless. It was Tuesday and of course I was hoping that E and I could eat out again. Things turned out well and we drove off for our meal. This time we chose somewhere closer to home, about two miles away or thereabouts. It is one of those mock Tudor places which certainly look the part outwardly with its genuine thatched roof but inside is more modern. Its location is unfortunate though as it stands on a main road in shall I say a poorer district of our town. We have been there a few times but not since it was refurbished a year or two ago. I have to say I liked it better as it was as the interior looked more authentically Tudor then. Still it is a nice place in which to dine. I had chosen a home-cooked steak and ale pie expecting the crust to be a short crust pastry but I was somewhat disappointed to find it was topped with puff pastry instead. Now if you are familiar with puff pastry you will know that it consists mainly of air and it disintegrates at the slightest touch leaving bits of pastry all over the place! I could handle that though and pushed it into the gravy beneath but having done so it appeared to have disappeared! Better than having it all over the table though. The real disappointment came when I tasted the gravy. It was as salty as hell. Now I like salt on my meal but I hadn’t put any on at that point. I have to taste it first. Aside from the salt the pie was far too hot to eat as it was naturally served in a dish. I emptied it out onto the plate to allow it to cool quickly. I had to separate the meat from the gravy in order to eat it. As normal the waitress came back to ask if we were satisfied with our meals. I explained that the gravy in the pie was way too salty as though the chef had accidentally put too much in without realising. She apologised and said that no-one else had complained. All I could say about that was that they must have no taste-buds else she was telling lies but I said nothing. She offered me the opportunity to replace my meal with something else but I declined. I could leave the gravy to one side and had already done so for the rest of the meal was simply fine. I now know to avoid that particular dish next time. We chose to have a bread and butter pudding with custard for our dessert and that was surprisingly light yet filling but simply gorgeous. Despite my salty gravy I enjoyed the meal. E had chosen barbecued ribs for her main course and she is never disappointed with that. So Tuesday wasn’t a bad day at all. Wednesday, at least Wednesday morning was a bit of a pain in the backside for me. I went to do a small job in a house near to home and almost everything about it proved awkward. It had taken me two hours by the time I had finished because of the problems I had been faced with. Normally a job of this type would have taken me about thirty minutes! By the time I had finished it my patience was wearing a bit thin but when I was back home all the problems had been forgotten about, that is until I wrote this post. Thankfully I had nothing else to do for the remainder of the day so I was able to relax for a change.

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