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DC USA, Target, Black Friday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was feeling pretty tired on Thursday night after another busy week and I still had a job to do on Friday morning. Getting to sleep wasn’t a problem however at around three-thirty in the morning I woke up with pain in my right hand again. I ended up tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position but it was difficult. From that point until I finally arose at six-fifteen I remained awake. Now I’d had a mere four hours solid sleep which under normal circumstances is not far off what I normally have but that night’s sleep wasn’t really enough because of the work I had been doing. Despite that I went to the job and managed without a problem. I am quite amazed at the amount of work I have gotten through in another week but the approaching weeks to Christmas have always been a busy time for me. I get tired more easily these days which is only to be expected at my age and to be honest I seem to thrive on it. At this time of writing I am not certain what I shall be doing over the weekend as far as working at home is concerned but I do know that I won’t be working for anyone else as I have a couple of jobs lined-up for the week ahead and I need some respite.
I was watching the news on television and saw the chaos that had ensued after the so-called ‘Black Friday‘ experiment. In America it has become the thing to do on the Friday after Thanksgiving whereby stores offer goods at half-price to encourage spending before Christmas. It is a new thing here in the UK where normally goods go on sale at reduced prices in January or immediately after Christmas day but Tesco held the event in most of their stores throughout the country and it caused people to stampede and fight each other for what was on offer. I felt so ashamed of my countrymen and women as I watched their bad behaviour on the screen. They were like animals fighting over a piece of meat! All for the love of material things. Such a shame. I have never stood in a queue waiting for the sales to begin, I have never hung back thinking the price for something might drop a few days later. I would rather do without than to act the way I saw those people were doing just so I could get my hands on some material thing.

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