A new year beckons and a new you is born?

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St Mary’s Parish Church The bells ring out on Christmas morning to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In three week’s time it will be a new year. Many will be making their usual new year resolutions, promises to themselves that they will make changes in their life and lifestyles and although many will keep those resolutions most will probably not. The main problem is that the ways of the world overcome us and we succumb to the temptations the world offers us. It is difficult to step aside and take a new path that we haven’t trod before yet that path may be far better than the one we were on! In a couple of week’s time Christians and non-Christians alike will be celebrating Christmas. Those who believe will be celebrating the birth of their Saviour and the rest will be celebrating for other reasons. Those other reasons may well be for good things such as being with family and friends and enjoying pleasant times together but they will not be celebrating the birth of a saviour, yet a saviour is exactly what they need. They don’t see that because their eyes are blind to the truth, their backs are turned away from the light and they are held captive by the things of the flesh. Their hearts are cold. God foretold the birth of a saviour, the Saviour of the world, His only begotten Son our LordJesus the Christ, the Messiah some six hundred years or more before it happened. Not only His birth but how it was to come about! His birth was therefore expected and yet when Jesus came and died for mankind many rejected Him. Even today they still reject Him, yet they need Him. The problem is they do not realize their need nor recognize it. Why did God give His Son? Why did Jesus suffer on a cross? Because we are all sinners and that alone keeps us from God, separates us from Him but God demonstrates His love for us in this…………

Romans 5:8
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

He died that we, if we repent and believe in our hearts that He died for us we will be saved. Saved from what? Saved from eternal damnation and separation from God. God is just and will judge our hearts but He is merciful not wanting that anyone should perish. He offers us a way out, a free gift, Jesus. Would you really not accept such a gift? Why remain stubborn and condemned? Do something about it today, come to Jesus. Remember, God is true to His word, He will do what He promises to do……..

So if you are going to make new year resolutions try asking God into your life, asking  Jesus to walk into your home and you may be surprised. In fact I know you will. The world has nice things to offer it is true but Jesus offers something that the world cannot give, peace and reconciliation with God and an everlasting life. The things of the world do not last…………

Shirley Anne


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  1. Reading Romans 5 the other day. In two contrasting translations. I found it psychologically too easy to keep at a distance – it’s easy for me to see “we” as Paul and his friends or other people and stand in some way aloof from the whole thing. So I had to mess with the text and put it all into the first person. “Therefore since I have been justified…” That makes it a lot harder. Impossible to put at a distance. Impossible then not to read it without asking loads of questions about my own life. Do I rejoice? Do I know that peace? How was I an enemy? (Are there ways in which I still live as an enemy?) How much more shall I be saved? And what then is my response to that salvation and peace? What does it mean to me that God showed his love for me? What effect does it or should it have on my life to “stand in grace”? Can I actually read this and know it is truth in my own life? Questions like those. What does it mean to me that God’s love has been poured into my heart? Or that I have been given the Holy Spirit? That all makes Romans 5 impossible to ignore and it makes it impossible not to have a long look at my own life, faith, lack of faith, direction. And it makes it impossible to not have a long look at God too and to the work of Christ and to reconciliation.

    Wonderful passage – and even college Greek lectures couldn’t kill it!

  2. Hi Clare, thanks for dropping by. One thing I have learned in the years since my conversion is to look at Scripture as if it was written for me personally. Our pastor once suggested we all read our Bibles in the first person thus making it personal to ourselves. If we don’t do that we can as you say hold the messages it contains at arms length and receive no edification at all and after all, the Book was written for our benefit. If Scripture is showing us our many shortcomings and we respond, we do well. Thanks for the comment.

    Shirley Anne x

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