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I love Hebrew
I love Hebrew (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another weird dream. I have some really strange dreams at times some of which seem quite long whilst others somewhat brief. This one seemed brief yet the story behind it seemed long. I was with a group of children and found myself caught up in a war of some sort. I was battling with an unknown adversary and somewhere along the line I discovered an article partly written in Hebrew. I supposed the article was telling me how to overcome the enemy and I read the words out loud until I came across the first word in Hebrew. I attempted its pronunciation seemingly to prove I could and understood what it meant. The little girl standing at my side, who it seemed was my three-year-old grand-daughter and English, piped up that I was saying the word all wrong. She told me how it should be pronounced and even what the word meant. I was amazed at her knowledge. I am not sure what the meaning of the word was telling me or how it was to help me in my situation for at that point I woke up. Now I can understand why it was that my grand-daughter was in the dream for she had visited me only a couple of days before but I cannot explain why she could read and understand the Hebrew language or how it was that I had been surrounded by many children. As for the war? I can offer no explanation of that either.

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