Winter draws on

English: Braunton: Saunton Sands. A mist can b...
Braunton: Saunton Sands. A mist can be seen lifting off the surf as a winter day draws to its close (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, there is a joke there in the title but I don’t wish to talk about underwear. Up until Saturday last the weather has been quite mild for the most part and dry for much of the time too but I sense that will not last now we are nearing the second week of Winter. I speak about the calendar of course for the season doesn’t really show its bad side until January and February. However the country has had its first real taste of the season as it has been snowing in many places. Most of that snow though has fallen elsewhere to here where I live in Southport. A mere twenty miles or so south John Lennon airport had to close because of heavy snow fall. The airport is on the south side of Liverpool. Further northward toward north Lancashire and Cumbria they too had snow and a few miles inland from Southport also saw snow. At best we had a little sleet and I mean a little, it was mostly cold rain. Today, Sunday, as I write this the day has been gloriously sunny though cold. There was a ground frost everywhere when I arose but gradually all that had melted by noon. Well it is Winter after all. I could have gone for a walk but I decided to be lazy and stay indoors. I asked E if she would like a roast dinner, something we hadn’t enjoyed on a Sunday early afternoon for some time. I went downstairs to dig out a frozen chicken from the freezer and as it was late in the morning I had to defrost the bird in the microwave oven. Usually we let meat thaw naturally but we were dining around one o’clock. It took a mere twenty minutes or so and was ready for the oven immediately. I had preheated the oven so popped it in straight away. It was eleven fifty on the clock. Whilst it was cooking I prepared everything else. We sat down to eat around one-thirty. After dinner and after doing the washing-up I fancied baking another cake. Whilst E and I were out shopping before Christmas I bought a new round metal cake tin and was keen to use it for the first time rather than having to use the rectangular rubber/polyethylene one I had been using. So out came all the ingredients and soon the cake was in the already warm oven. It is a good idea to do as much baking as possible whilst the oven is hot for it saves on energy. I had wanted to make some coconut macaroons but didn’t have all the necessary ingredients for the recipe I was using. E said she would buy it in when next she went shopping. Winter is a good season to be baking at home I think and I am getting better at it all the time. I didn’t do much baking at home until recently. That was because I had too many other things to do, and still have I suppose but I am more relaxed about my other duties these days. Now I can take time out to bake whenever I feel like it. Mmmm….I haven’t baked any scones for a while…..and it’s warm indoors


Shirley Anne