People Are Crazy
People Are Crazy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since Christmas Day I have received a couple of offers for work both of which I turned down. Despite my advertisement not being published until January 7 and having last been published a week before Christmas I still get the calls. The latest request was indeed quite a simple one and tempting as it was in my own town. A fluorescent light fitting was overheating and indeed had failed. I explained to the gentleman calling that I wasn’t available for work until the second week in January for I was determined to take at least the two-week break I had promised myself. I worked very hard during the weeks preceding Christmas accommodating almost everyone who had a request. Now all I wanted to do was rest from that work. Yes I could take on the work but why should I? I am not a machine. What I think is happening here is people have found my advertisement in an older publication and have made note of the details without checking to see if my advertisement is currently being published. Common sense would indicate that if I am not advertising for work I am not available for one reason or another. One of my recent calls was from a previous customer who perhaps thought I would waive my intentions to stay rested for a while and go and do their job. I appreciate their calls and to have chosen me to do the work but I have to draw the line and turn work down else burn myself out. A girl can only do so much, especially if she is my age! I do propose to be working a little in the next week or so but only at home. I am afraid everyone else will have to wait.

Shirley Anne