Back to it

This being the first Sunday of the year and on Monday I am tentatively back at work with just the one small job to do in a house about a mile away from home. I am writing this on New Year’s day just after noon and the television is on. The program is a Viennese concert with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta performing live at Vienna’s Musikverein, the same place E and I had the privilege to visit a year ago last October when E won the prize of a long weekend in Vienna for two with all expenses (apart from connecting flights) paid. We had been given two concerts to attend at that time too, one on the Saturday evening and the second on the following Monday evening. The hall in which the concerts take place is very ornate and looking at the television pictures brought back some lovely memories of our visit. The New Year’s day concert is evidently an annual affair now. As the camera panned the room I could see the box, quite close to the stage where E and I sat for the first evening we visited and those in the main area of the hall (called the Golden Hall) on the second.

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The box had been the fourth from the stage just below centre right above. I would visit Vienna again at the drop of a hat, it is such a lovely city. Between now as I write this and Monday morning I have nothing planned, certainly nothing today, Thursday but I might do some work out in the garden before Sunday if the weather remains fine. If nothing else it will give me a chance to ease back into the habit of working before the novelty of doing nothing becomes routine!

Shirley Anne