A new year, a new beginning?

Well my new year has started with an electrical job and a leaky roof! I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to re-start work until after the seventh but a local couple for whom I’d worked before asked if I could place their request in my diary to do their job as soon as possible. Well it was only a relatively small task so I offered to do it on the fifth, Monday, which happens to be today. Earlier in the day (as I write this on Wednesday December 31) E was pottering about at the top of the house searching for something in one of the many cardboard boxes we have stored there. The three top rooms of the house are at present being used as storage areas but are supposed to be bedrooms. One does have a bed in it but it is surrounded by all kinds of domestic paraphernalia at the moment. One is filled with furniture belonging to our eldest son and his wife who are using it to store the furniture until they can find a place of their own. The main front lounge is likewise filled with their furniture too. The third room at the top was used as my study but it is now filled with the boxes I mentioned. A few years ago we had major work done on and around the house and one of the jobs was to repair the seal around one of the chimney stacks. It appears that stack is again leaking a little.

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Last year I had suspected it might have leaked and I stripped away much of the plaster beneath the stack on the inside and some of the plaster from the sloping part of the ceiling. I kept a check on it to see if it was remaining dry or not so that I could re-plaster. However other things were on my mind last year and I was kept so busy I all but forgot about the top room. So I joined E upstairs and we discussed the damp issue. It appears there is still a small problem so I have made arrangements with the guy we use for such work to come by soon to inspect it with a view to repairing whatever is the problem. Had we the scaffolding to reach such a height I would probably attempt the repair myself but it would have to be scaffolding and one which surrounded the stack for safe access. Working atop scaffolding is no problem for me whereas ladders, long ladders, would be. I don’t climb long ladders anymore. Our youngest son left for home at lunchtime and it will be a couple of more weeks before we see him again. He had stopped over for the holiday though we didn’t see much of him. Some things never change do they? Speaking of changes, if you made resolutions this year keep them! One resolution perhaps some of you should make is to have an open mind and an open heart. This forthcoming year could see the best decisions you ever made. Do you ever think about the future? I don’t just mean what will be happening in your life or where it is headed, I am speaking about what comes afterwards when you die. This year could see you understanding who you really are in the eyes of your Creator. It could see you making the decision to reach out, to seek understanding and even inviting Jesus into your heart. All things are possible. This year could see a real and lasting change, a new you. This year the saying ‘out with the old and in with the new’ could have a real meaning for you. Are you ready for such as this?

Shirley Anne