A bit of a washout

I thought I’d get the opportunity to do some work out in the garden on Saturday but it began to rain in the morning and continued well into the afternoon. It simply wasn’t worth doing the work in such wet conditions so I started to think of alternatives indoors. Before deciding what to do I made my first attempt at making some coconut macaroons but alas made somewhat of a mess of it. Oh it tasted alright, I say it rather than they because the mixture was too wet and everything merged together in the oven! I realised that two egg whites were one too many even though the recipe called for them. Next time I shall use only one unless I double up on all the other ingredients. I shall also bake them in individual containers instead of using a large flat tray as instructed. I sometimes wonder if anyone actually cooks some of the recipes printed in the books. Once I cleaned up and cleared out the kitchen I gave the steps by the outside door in the boiler room down in the cellar another coat of masonry paint and also coated the other step across the room.

Boiler room stepsBoiler room steps 2








Looking at the pictures one would think the colours different but in fact it is simply the lighting. Each time I go upstairs to the first floor (the second from the cellar) I go into the building site that is supposed to be one of the four bedrooms on that level. The room hasn’t been used for some years but it is filled with all sorts of old furniture and some of the materials we had stored in there whilst refurbishing the new bathroom. It was a convenient place in which to cut timber and do other things but now it really needs emptying so that we can begin at some point to renovate it. It is a good-sized room and is the second largest bedroom in the house. Its renovation is long overdue and with that in mind I take something out of the room each time I go upstairs then bring it downstairs either for storage or to dispose of it. The larger items will require the assistance of one or both of my sons to remove them but in the meantime I can remove everything else. There is no immediate hurry to renovate the room but at least it will be ready to do so when the time comes. There will be plenty more rainy days ahead for my indoor projects I’m sure.

Shirley Anne