Walking it off

English: Torrisdale Bay The marram grass in th...
Torrisdale Bay The marram grass in the foreground is an important coloniser of sand dunes. It helps to stabilise the sand, allowing other species to become established. The sand dunes at the head of the bay are up to 5 metres high. The headland beyond is Creag Ruadh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As far as exercising goes I have been pretty lazy over the last couple of months. I have taken some exercise on the treadmill, handy for when it is wet and windy outdoors and I don’t want to go for a walk in it! That exercise has been little though but it has been due to the fact that I have been working hard over the same period and because that work is physical I cannot do both. However it had been some time since I last went for a walk but on Monday afternoon after lunch I posted some mail for E and continued to walk for a couple of miles before returning home. The walk was planned on the spur of the moment but the posting of the mail was opportunistic. Once E knew I was going out she asked if I could pass by the post box handing me a large wad of envelopes. I had eaten too much lunch, I knew I had as it was taking its toll but after a half-mile or so things began to settle down. By the time I had returned home I knew I’d been exercising! I had made some lentil and barley stew, soup or whatever you might call it the previous day and there was enough left over for another meal. The problem was there was just a little too much left over and my eyes were bigger than my belly! That said I had nothing else. My walk took me past my local pub (no I didn’t go in) and along the sea front. The sky was overcast towards the west, that is over the Irish sea. It looked like rain but it didn’t rain, in fact the weather was ideal for walking about in, cool, dry, reasonably sunny and no wind to speak of. The beaches hereabout have a problem with marram grass in that it has been allowed to grow over the years and covers much of the sand close to the sea wall or sand dunes. Gradually over the years I have noticed new dunes forming where they didn’t before exist. It is a natural form of land reclamation and will protect the land behind it eventually, just as the main dunes now do. So here on the west we have land reclamation but on the east coast there is much land erosion. There have been many changes along the coast since I moved here 27 years ago. For 12 years I had lived a mere 8 miles south of where I am now and whilst there I saw some changes too. I need to get out and about more and I don’t mean to work, I have enough of that. I had been doing some electrical work in the morning and it looks like I shall be doing the same on Tuesday morning too as I write this. Well I have to do something to relieve the boredom!

Shirley Anne