More work

Strawberry-rhubarb pie made in a pan.
Strawberry-rhubarb pie made in a pan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My first return to work in the new year saw me working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings this past week and I hadn’t even posted my advertisement until Wednesday (they are printed in the newspaper for circulation every Wednesday). The newspaper wouldn’t be circulated until later in the day on Wednesday so all three jobs were from folk I had worked for previously and who had my business card. During the week I have been turning away offers for work for one reason or another too! I have been eager to get into the garden as soon as the weather permitted and on Tuesday afternoon the opportunity arose but only after I had done a small electrical job for my neighbour and then ate lunch. The main task was to dig out the Rhubarb Rhizomes, raise the bed slightly by inserting stone slabs to serve as edges and then replant the Rhizomes spacing them out at the same time. I had to remove some flowering plants that had found their way into the rhubarb patch too. The rhubarb patch is only small but then we don’t want a lot of rhubarb as it is only myself who eats it. Rhubarb’s companion fruit is the strawberry, they go together like peaches and cream. If you’ve never eaten rhubarb (cooked and chilled of course or in a pie as above) together with strawberries you must give it a try. Most people who try it are not disappointed. We have more strawberry plants than we need but the plant grows profusely in the summer and has to be kept in check. It took me about an hour and a half to complete the work on the patch and then I returned indoors. I could have done much more work in the garden but gardening is hard work and I wasn’t up to it. During the autumn E and I spent quite a bit of time clearing away fallen leaves but more have somehow appeared over the last few weeks. It’s as though we hadn’t shifted any in the first place! They seem to accumulate only in certain areas so although they may be numerous they are all in the same place making it easier to remove them. We’ll get around to clearing them away soon.

Shirley Anne