Nasty weather on Saturday

Roasted coffee beans Español: Granos de café t...
Roasted coffee beans Español: Granos de café tostado (natural). Bahasa Indonesia: Biji kopi alami yang telah disangrai. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well it is Saturday as I write this and the weather has been awful all day long, wet, cold and windy. I don’t mind that so much but it does prevent me working outdoors for any length of time. The garden needs more work doing in it and although there is no urgency I would like to be able to get on with it. All is not lost on the domestic work projects though as there are things indoors that I can be getting on with. The floor in the proposed garden toilet room still needs digging up so that it can be made level for at the moment it isn’t. That was a job I had started doing a few months ago but just haven’t found the time nor the inclination to carry one with it. I have to prioritise though. Having said all that I actually arose quite late on Saturday as I had been very tired. I didn’t get much sleep at all on Thursday night so by the time the day had ended on Friday I was ready for a good night’s sleep. I didn’t get downstairs until almost eleven-thirty. No breakfast as such but lunch was at one-thirty. Rain stopped play and prevented me going into the garden for a couple of hours. After lunch the rain had eased off but it was still windy and I asked E if she would like to join me in the garden to clear the leaves at least but she declined. However it began to rain again so even I didn’t want to go outside. We settled down and watched an old movie that was being broadcast on television. We spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen and after the movie had finished E asked if I would like a cappuccino made with some new coffee beans she had been given over Christmas. We have numerous packages of ground coffee beans from different places around the world but these beans hadn’t been ground. Our youngest son had bought her a coffee bean grinding machine so we ground them down. However we had to finish off the process by hand using a pestle and mortar. The grinding machine doesn’t produce a fine enough result. So my day was set to be a lazy one and I resigned myself to it for a change but I did find time to bake another large fruit cake.

Shirley Anne