The flag ain’t flying

The weather has been awful lately, mostly windy, wet and cold or at best cool. We have had but only a couple of hours of respite and sunshine during the past week or so. Last Summer I purchased a flag pole together with one flag. Later I purchased a second flag different from the first but recently I took down the second flag which we had been flying for some months. The first flag, the flag of St. George the patron saint of England is of better quality than the second flag which is the Union Flag of England, Ireland (Northern Ireland) and Scotland.

The Union Flag, the flag of the United Kingdom...
The Union Flag, the flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The problem with the Union Flag is that it has begun to ‘shred’ and come away at the edges and is obviously not up to the job whereas the other flag is made of sturdier stuff. I will have to purchase another Union Flag but one of a better quality this time. However for the time being neither of the flags have been flying because of the high winds. We are advised by the manufacturer of the flag pole not to fly flags whenever the wind speeds get too high. They quote an advisable speed over which flags should not be flown and that is thirty-five miles per hour. We have followed that advise by monitoring the weather forecasts. Both flags are two metre flags by definition and are consequently quite large though larger ones can be purchased. The two metre flag is that recommended by the flag pole manufacture for the seven metre pole we bought. As I write this on Monday morning it is still windy though the flag will remain indoors for the time being until the weather improves more. I might wait until I purchase another Union Flag before I fly one again. I hope to purchase one soon. It will cost me around £65 for the better quality flag.

Shirley Anne