Blame it on religion

Religion Inc.
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Whenever we hear of the killing of innocent people in the name of one religion or another we blame that religion and label all religion as the cause of mankind’s problems. Well many people do but for those who reason things out, who don’t jump to conclusions, religion has nothing to do with it. People who kill in the name of their religion are following the wrong religion else their own evil interpretation of it. I claim to have no religion but a relationship with my Maker. My Maker is a loving God who in no way would advocate the evil practices of those who claim to follow the truth as they perceive it to be in their religion. My God is a God of love, peace, mercy, grace, faithfulness, righteousness and holiness. He is a God who wants no-one to perish but to come into a relationship with Him by accepting that they are sinners who need to be saved. It is the sins in the hearts of people that destroy them and keep them from really knowing God’s love. As a parent I always wanted the best for my children and I still do. God’s love for His children is just the same, He wants the best for His children too and we are all His children. There are those who reject His love, reject Him and choose to follow their own hearts and ways. No matter how much we try to reach them they will not listen. They have chosen to remain in the dark. God still loves them and still offers them the same way back to Him as others who have chosen to listen. God has prepared the way through His Son Jesus Christ. Without Jesus there is no way back to God.


John 14:6
Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me’.


Not through Mohammed, not through Buddha, not through Krishna, not through Nature, not through religion or your interpretation of it………..only through His Son Jesus Christ. God wants the best for you. Do you want the best for yourself? You know what you must do…………….Invite God into your life, ask Jesus to save you……………..and you shall be saved.


Shirley Anne





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One thought on “Blame it on religion”

  1. From Caroline…………

    Hi Shirley Anne
    I have been catching up with you and two thoughts. Why no second light in the garage, I always like to have two when there is somewhere I never want to be left in the dark?
    Secondly, no religion, most of the World conflict would vanish…
    C xx

    My reply…

    Hi Caroline

    There is no second light in the garage as there is one on the door control unit and one in the partitioned part of the garage too.The garage faces the road which is lit, actually there is a light outside our house. There is also a floodlight over the door! The light in the garage is a five foot fluorescent fitting and is unlikely to cease working in an instant as would a tungsten bulb. Fluorescent fittings usually give warning of problems, blackened lamp ends, taking too long to switch on etc. Anyway, a second light is pointless in this situation.

    It would take more than an absence of religion for the world’s troubles to cease. It is a proven fact that religion of any kind has not been responsible for the majority of conflicts in the world. See my posts on May 1 2012 and Jan 21 2014. The first article shows the facts about war and religion.

    I have said this often, I don’t have a religion either! I have a relationship with my Maker through His Son Jesus Christ. Caroline, you must be one of those ‘unreachables’ in my post but you know I was just the same for 43 years. I came out of the dark and into the light…….another reason I don’t need an extra light in the garage…LOL

    Shirley Anne

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