Scared I might leave

English: A reed switch operated by a magnet/ma...
A reed switch operated by a magnet/magnetic field and used as a magnetic proximity detector. Also used for sensing speed, home security automation, position detection etc (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Wednesday the weather had become far more settled than it had been and though I knew it wouldn’t last it was an opportunity to get out into the garden to clean up the leaves and to do other things. However, E had mentioned that the light in the garage she uses didn’t always switch on automatically when it was dark. I wired the system a couple of years ago and it incorporates a light level detector fitted outside, a reed switch on the garage door (roller door) which operates when the magnet attached to it activates the electronic circuit to switch on the light. The light can also be operated manually as normal. The problem needed sorting and so that was the first job I did. I adjusted the position of the reed switch to be closer to the magnet when the door was opened. Problem solved though I did carry out a further adjustment the following day. I discovered that the door’s lateral motion sometimes resulted in the space between the reed switch and the magnet being occasionally too wide. Anyway I got to clear away the leaves but by now it was almost lunchtime and I received a request to install a new security light to replace two smaller units that were inadequate. That job took me a couple of hours so when I arrived back home it was around three-thirty. I was hungry having had my breakfast seven hours earlier so I had a belated lunch. Come time for an evening meal I couldn’t eat one but simply had a couple of items of fruit instead. Most of the time I do without lunch if I have missed it and that often happens when I am out at work. I had received a message on the house phone to call the newspaper office in which my advertisement is published. I wondered why because I wasn’t due to purchase more space having had a couple of weeks of paid space in hand. It appeared that the girl was about to take some leave and wished to ensure my needs would be looked after whilst she was away. I wasn’t surprised at this because I would have called one week later to arrange the purchase of a further thirteen weeks of advertising space anyway. I told her that I had been taking stock of my situation and had been thinking about retirement. She was surprised and scared that I might be leaving the paper to advertise elsewhere. I reassured her that I wasn’t and for the time being was continuing to work. She sounded relieved and wished me luck for the future. I have been advertising with the newspaper now for seventeen and a half years. I wonder if I will reach twenty? We’ll have to wait and see.

Shirley Anne