Never ending


I was bemoaning the fact that I had little to do the other day. I should have kept quiet I suppose as Thursday turned out very busy for me. It was also one of those days were things didn’t always run smoothly. My first stop was to purchase materials and goods then drive to a house some twelve miles away for my first job of the day, in fact at that point it was the only job of the day. One task was to replace a faulty twin-lamped fluorescent fitting with a new one. That went reasonably well except that one of the new lamps refused to work. I didn’t wish to drive back the ten or eleven miles to the supplier for a replacement lamp so I had to purchase one locally at twice the price. A bit of a rip-off I thought but it would have cost me more in fuel and time otherwise. The second job at the same address was to replace a faulty light switch but having seen it I had to change the switch to a completely different type as it had been incorrectly wired from a power outlet and required a fuse in circuit. Obviously done by the previous householder as a DIY project and totally against the regulations. The present householder being a 74-year-old woman knew nothing about it. Whilst working there I received a call from a woman who wanted some work doing the following Tuesday, that is this coming Tuesday morning. I was driving back home but had to stop at the electrical supplier to be reimbursed for the faulty tube but on the way there I received two more calls. After calling at the suppliers I went along to look at the first job but having seen what was required I declined the work. It was simply too large a job. I was about to drive to the second job when I got yet another request not far from home. I went to the second job and discovered they had no power at all because they had switched off the supply. There was a fault in the main isolation switch, a switch provided by the electricity provider and their responsibility. However because they needed the supply back on immediately I disconnected the faulty switch and using mains connecting blocks reconnected the supply as a temporary measure. They will have to contact the supply authority to have a new isolating switch fitted. Finally I was able to get to the last job near to home. That job though simple in principle was a bit of a pain to do. I was able to drive home for a very late lunch. Immediately after that light lunch I was called again asking if I could do a small job and at the same time quote for a complete rewire of the house! I explained that I no longer take on rewiring of houses and the reason why, my age! I was asked though to carry out the minor repairs on Friday morning, which I did. As a couple of my customers have pointed out, I shouldn’t be so popular!

Shirley Anne