So tired

"I Am Tired" - NARA - 558861
“I Am Tired” – NARA – 558861 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hadn’t worked particularly hard on Friday but I had been quite busy during the week with my electrical work. Nevertheless I was very tired on Friday and though I had been up at around five o’clock in the morning it was after midnight before I went to bed. Needless to say I had a very good night’s sleep. I usually find that tiredness catches up with me a day or so after working hard and not necessarily the day after. The same seems to apply to aching limbs. With nothing planned to do on Saturday it was going to be another day for rest and relaxation. In any case I didn’t think I would be able to do much on Saturday because my hands were swollen by early evening on Friday, especially my left hand. If you remember I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis a few weeks ago and my hands swell up sometimes and are painful. After applying my prescribed gel the swelling is reduced after a few hours, indeed if I am using my hands I don’t seem to suffer much with swelling or pain. As it happened my hands were perfectly all right on Saturday, as well as they could be anyway. It was just as well for with the morning’s post I received the new Union flag and I wished to fly it. The day was blessed with a little wind so if I were to hoist the flag it wouldn’t be in vain. I had been flying the flag of St George during the latter half of the week after the more extreme winds had ceased. Previously we had been flying a Union flag that unfortunately wasn’t up to the task and had begun to shred. The new flag is much more robust. So I lowered the flag of St George and hoisted the new Union flag in its place however I had to lower it again to make adjustments to the loop that holds the lower corner around the flagpole (see previous recent posts) for it had tightened around the pole. That in itself was a problem for it took quite some time to lower the flag as a result. Finally I got things sorted out with a little help from E. That was it, nothing else but rest and relaxation. I have been able to play my guitar despite the problems with my hands though I have to exercise my fingers by playing simple chords for a few minutes beforehand.

English: F major chord for guitar using D shap...
F major chord for guitar using D shape barre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In some ways my condition has helped my playing for I am encouraged to play alternative chord shapes more often, especially barre chords. I never tire of playing my guitar though after so long at the instrument I am forced to stop anyway or wear my fingers to the bone!

And today, forty-three years ago, though at that time the date fell on a Saturday, I met E for the first time. That’s got to be a great excuse for dining out and hopefully we will be doing just that this afternoon for the first time since early December.


Shirley Anne


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  1. Happy anniversary of meeting!! 43 years is a good long time so well done. I have no idea of the date I met my wife, but i would think it around November 77, we were married Oct 79, so at 37 yrs we are not too far behind you ! Hugs TC xx

  2. Difference is Tina we are no longer married but we managed 30 years. Sadly as you know half that time wasn’t good for me and I wonder how and why I stuck it out so long but I suppose things happen as they do for a reason.

    Shirley Anne x

    Thank you Justin

    Shirley Anne x

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