I wished she’d call

English: Old rotary light switch in Czech Repu...
Old rotary light switch in Czech Republic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I was sitting eating my evening meal on Sunday a woman called me on the house phone asking if I could fix a problem with her bathroom light switch which had stuck in the off position and when I could do it. The switch was a pull-cord type of course as it was located inside the bathroom so I told her it would need replacing as these switches cannot usually be repaired. After asking how much it would cost she asked if at the same time I could replace her bathroom light fitting. She hadn’t as yet purchased the new light so I told her to call me again once she had it. I would supply the switch from my van stock. I told her I would most likely be available on Monday but I had other work scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday so wouldn’t be available then until Thursday. She said that it would have to be in the afternoon. Evidently she had the keys to her friend’s apartment in the same building and had to oversee some work her friend was having done whilst she was on holiday in Spain. That meant she wouldn’t be able to purchase the new light until that job was completed and assumed that would be soon after lunch. I told her to call me on my mobile phone in case I wasn’t at home to receive the call. She said she would phone the house phone first just in case I was at home. I don’t know why some people have an aversion to calling a mobile number but I agreed that was sensible. As it happened I was at home all day long because I had nothing scheduled and no other calls came in. I waited for her call throughout Monday but it wasn’t until after five o’clock when she called. ‘I suppose it is a little late in the day to ask you to come and do the work’ she said timidly. Well I wasn’t about to start work at that hour having not been at work all day. She asked if I could come on Thursday (today) morning instead and that is what we agreed. The reason she didn’t wish to ask someone else to do the work is because she said she doesn’t trust men. She felt more secure having a woman in her apartment and was thankful there was one available. I find I get that explanation for calling me out quite often though I do feel that is unfair to the guys. Many also say that they think a woman would be more reliable. I cannot speak for other women but I know it applies to me.

Shirley Anne