More than I could chew?

Chew-Chew Baby
Chew-Chew Baby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not really……I had but a relatively small and easy job to do on Tuesday morning as I┬áplanned to dine out with E during the afternoon. The job was in a house about seven miles away and it entailed replacing some ordinary plastic power outlets and lighting switches for gold-effect metal ones, probably about an hour and a half’s work at most. When I arrived the lady of the house apologised for the fact that her central heating wasn’t working and thus the house wasn’t too comfortable to be in. I found it a little cool but certainly not cold and uncomfortable but of course I would be moving about whilst working which would keep me warm enough. She had called out the maintenance engineer but he wouldn’t arrive for at least another hour or so. I offered a quick glance at the heating set-up but no fault was immediately obvious. The problem was that the boiler wouldn’t fire up even though everything electrical was calling for heat. Naturally I didn’t investigate any further as it wasn’t my place to do so. I learned later from the engineer that although I could hear the water pump operating inside the boiler (the boiler requires water flowing before it will fire-up) there was a water flow problem elsewhere, evidently up in the loft area as that is where the engineer spent most of his time. I had other things to do but just as I had finished my work the lady asked if it was possible to install an extra power outlet in the front porch area. I had a quick look and gave her a revised price to do it there and then. She accepted my quote and so I got on with the work. It took a mere half hour. The extra work wasn’t expected but of course most welcome. It paid for our meal later, tip included! I was back at home before noon. E asked where we were going to dine and as usual I replied that we would dine at the venue of her choice but first of all she wanted to make a detour to see the office she had to visit on Friday. She has to be interviewed in regard to her application for what is known in this country as a ‘blue badge‘. Having a blue badge displayed inside a vehicle allows the driver some privileged parking and is designed for use by those who have a physical disability of some sort. I hope she is successful in her application as she really needs it. We drove onward to her chosen destination and had our meal though I have to say I was a little disappointed with the whole experience. Sometimes things go that way. Small things can spoil an otherwise enjoyable experience can’t they? I cannot grumble so I don’t…….ahem! The heating had been switched off but was soon restored once I pointed it out. Now there’s a coincidence! My chosen meal could have been better but at least it was all paid for by working that extra half-hour.

Shirley Anne