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Advertising postcard, picture side, for the “Happy Day” washing machine, sold by the National Sewing Machine Co. of Belvidere, Illinois. Opposite side of unmailed card shows boilerplate message: “Dear Madam:/ If you will try the ‘Happy Day’ Washing Machine, you will surely buy it, because it operates so easily and cleanses so very thoroughly.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love Sundays, no work of any kind unless it is warm outside to do a spot of gardening. Not much danger of that just now as it is quite cold. I did place some clothes in the washing machine and hung them out to dry in the cellar but you could hardly call that work, not like the poor girl on the left having to do it manually! Over the past few weeks I have baked cakes or scones on Sunday which for me is recreational. This past Sunday was no exception. I have found more time to play my guitar, read my Bible, watch television and generally potter about the house. Trouble with me is I get bored too easily and I am wanting to find something to do, even if it is just washing the dishes! Actually I am in the habit of doing that rather than using the dishwasher though sometimes, especially if I am tired after working, I will limit the washing to just the pots and pans if I’ve used them. One time, long  ago, I hated domestic chores but now I find I enjoy them. One thing I am not too happy to be doing is vacuuming the carpets though the main areas have now been left to ‘Robbie’ our robot cleaner. I still have to empty his bin and clean his brushes but that doesn’t take long. I got up quite early on Sunday as I didn’t require much sleep on Saturday evening. I had slept in quite late on Saturday morning. I suppose my hard-working week had caught up with me. I say slept in but in fact for most of the time I had simply lay there too bothered to get up! I look at the time and lie there thinking about all sorts of things and before I know it a couple of hours have passed. So after a small breakfast I hung out the washing in the cellar and went for a long walk on my treadmill. I might have chosen to tread the streets instead but it was so windy and cold. The day turned less windy and very sunny just before noon. I was tempted to go for a walk outdoors in that sunshine but resisted the thought. It often looks nice at this time of year but it is cold and windy most of the time, especially where I live on the coast. The flag is a good indicator of the strength of the wind and ours has shown me that wind hasn’t given up. Of all the aspects of the weather it is the wind I most hate. So a lazy day for me for a change.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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