Oh no you’re not!

English: Waste collection truck Polski: Śmieciarka
Waste collection truck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a quiet weekend at home I was expecting to receive requests for my electrical services on Monday but no-one had called. That meant I would be at home on Monday looking for something to do. Our local council issued a new waste collection rota a few weeks ago and Monday was set to be the fortnightly day on which green waste was collected. We have two wheelie bins for this service. Normally only one is given per household but another can be requested for those who may have more green waste than most. We don’t usually have to put out two for emptying except at the height of summer or in autumn when there is a lot of leaves to sweep up so at this time of year it is unusual to have to put out two bins. Nevertheless we had two of them filled with garden waste so they needed to be out in the street to be emptied. I do that first thing in the morning but I had forgotten to do it this time. However, I did remember at around ten o’clock and as the crew hadn’t yet turned up to empty the bins I still had time to put them out. One of them was already in the front garden and the other was out in the rear garden. Both were full. I had to take the bin through the garage in which I park my van for it has a ramp and is the easiest way anyway. I grabbed the remote control for the automatic door and the key for the rear door of the garage but having got inside the garage with the bin I found the automatic door wouldn’t open. I tried the spare control but it made no difference. I returned into the boiler room which is the normal access to the house from the rear garden and I saw that the RCD unit in the panel supplying the external power outlets and lights on the side of the garden behind the garage had tripped. As the garage circuits are fed from this same panel too it meant there was no power in the garage to supply the automatic door. Of course it needed investigating immediately at the very least to enable me to drive the van should I need to. I grabbed my tools from the van and removed the cover on the panel and separated the garage supply from that supplying the outside power units and was able to temporarily reinstate power to the garage. I could now open the door and take out the bins. Fortunately the crew had still not arrived to empty them. I returned to the rear garden and began to remove the covers to the power outlet boxes and found water had managed to get inside one of them. This is what had caused the RCD to trip and remove power to the garage in the process. It was very cold in the garden and by this time I had donned my coat for the half-hour or so it took me to replace a faulty socket and do some remedial work to the boxes. Isn’t it funny that you only feel how cold you are when you return indoors? Going to sit on your backside? Oh no you’re not…….Oh and did the bins get emptied? Well actually no. Most of the residents in the street, like myself, forgot the first day for collection of green waste is scheduled for 2nd March!

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