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The saying goes,’life has a way of catching up on you’. I am not sure exactly what is meant by that but it sprung to mind whilst I was out for a walk on Tuesday afternoon. Once more I had no work scheduled so the day was mine unless I got a phone call. I managed to reach lunch time without such a call and if I had received one I most probably would have deferred doing any work until the next day. As it happened the day was beautiful from dawn until dusk, full sunshine all the way and only a whisper or a hint of wind, ideal for a walkabout. So after lunch that is exactly what I did. I started out toward the beach but I’d hardly walked a quarter-mile when my mobile phone rang. Unfortunately the caller hung up before I could answer so I tried to call them back but alas couldn’t get through and after a couple of attempts I gave up. I continued to the beach by crossing the coastal road, a dual carriageway at that point, to reach the sand dunes. When we first moved to the area over twenty-six years ago the beach looked very different to what it is today and it was this point that reminded me of the saying quoted above but perhaps it should have been, ‘time and tide wait for no man’. That would be more apt. As I came out of the dunes I was faced with grass and shrubs, overgrown old pathways, small mounds of dunes dotted on what used to still be a sandy beach twenty-six years ago. The sandy beach is still there only it is further out than before on the other side of this new natural land reclamation. Of course I have walked to the same spot many times over the years and have noticed the subtle changes along the way but it has been a couple of years since I trod this particular part of the seafront. It took me by surprise for these last few years of changes had become more noticeable to me. A decision had been made by the local authority some years ago not to interfere with the natural processes of coastal changes as long as it doesn’t involve coastal erosion. About four miles southward from here coastal erosion is a concern as the sea threatens to eat away at the sand dunes there. When I lived there years ago much effort was put into staving off the sea by solidifying the dunes at one point. It has been a long time since I was there last so I am not too sure if that work was successful or if it is ongoing. Certainly things change with the passage of time, including us! I continued on my walk and came across other signs of change, a caravan site refurbishment involving new on-site buildings, alterations to the grounds forming a long-established local park, church building works and private gardens being landscaped. It seems that nowhere is exempt from change. Since living in the area I have seen many changes over the years, hopefully all of them for the better. On returning home I noticed that E had gone out in her car but that the roller door to the garage she uses was still open. I walked across to close it by pushing the button on the control box but it wouldn’t move and in fact it had somehow become unwound. Not certain about what I should do I called the contractor who had fitted it for me but he was working in Manchester for a week on a large contract. He advised me on what I should do, how to put it into manual so that I could rewind it and then switch it back to automatic mode. I followed his instructions and got things working properly again. Now I know why I haven’t received requests for my electrical services… talents have been needed at home! Nothing really changes after all.

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