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My work activity took a dive last week and by the time the weekend came around I was bored to tears. Working for myself I can never be sure where the next job will come from but that’s the way it goes. There were a couple of things I found to do at home but they were out of necessity and involved the non-operation of the two garage doors. Other things I did are not worth the mention. I did get a call late on Friday for a job to do on Monday. At the time I thought the work would be simple and easy and when I went to the house at nine o’clock, which is only just over a half-mile away, I thought I would be back home before eleven. Some of the work was indeed very easy but I was asked to replace two ‘coach’ lamps situated either side of the front door entrance. Taking the old fittings down was a job in itself and once removed I discovered the smallest amount of wiring with which to connect the new fittings. Why some electricians insist on leaving very little extra wiring behind fittings and switches is beyond me. We call it leaving plenty of slack in the trade. It makes maintenance or the replacement of fittings much easier if the previous electrician has not been mean with the wires. What made this job the more awkward was the design of the light fittings themselves. Oh yes they look pretty in the box and once on the wall and working but sometimes I think whoever designed them knows very little about the problems that installers have to face because of the poor design. These two fittings were infuriating and awkward to install. I persevered and eventually they were up and working. I had to pay a visit to the supplier to purchase a replacement extract fan to complete the work and all was done. It was after one o’clock before I returned home. I write this on Monday afternoon wondering if, when and were my next job will be. At least the boredom had been relieved for a while.

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