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How different this week has been to last week. I talked about this in yesterday’s post and since Tuesday I have received more requests for work. I returned on Wednesday morning to the house I had been working in on Tuesday to replace the second of the electrical panels. I didn’t expect the second one to be as awkward as the first one was but even so it wasn’t as straightforward as I had hoped. I soldiered on of course and had it completed in a couple of hours. However, there were a couple of things I had to check out before I could finish but was unable to do so until the lady of the house had returned home from her shopping trip. I needed access to a locked area in which the boiler was situated outside and I also needed to inspect the garage installation to ensure it had been wired from the panel or board I had fitted which had the RCD unit. As it happened it had been wired to the board I had replaced with the RCD unit fitted. There had been no markings on the original fuse board. Alas inside the area in which the boiler had been installed was a separate power outlet that had been supplied from the other fuse board. I hadn’t replaced that board with one fitted with an RCD as it wasn’t deemed necessary. The power outlet was faulty in any case and wasn’t in use so I disconnected it. Now I was finished. As I was driving home, for I had no other work, I got more calls for work but turned them down. They were too remote and out of my catchment area. Once home I got more calls and these I put on my schedule, one of which I am doing next Tuesday morning. I seem to get a lot of work on a Tuesday!

With the amount of work I am offered it is difficult to think about retirement and it isn’t hard work, that is strenuous, so as long as I can do it I carry on. I try not to do too much though. I am the type of person who simply finds it difficult to sit down too long. I often think I am going to wear myself out but it doesn’t seem to happen. People ask me how I manage to continue and I tell them that I am afraid I will seize-up if I stop! There’s a lot of truth in that you know, I have heard many people tell me their experiences once they stopped work and how much it affected them. I cannot go on forever I know but I will always remain active one way or another if I can.

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