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Nobody believes me when I tell them my age. I meet hundreds of people each year in my line as an electrician and often I am asked how long I have been in the business. I tell them the truth but sometimes I play them along before I answer and say, ‘Guess my age’. My advertisement states that I have 40 years experience though in fact this year it will be 53 years! Those who forget what the advertisement states will guess my age between say 48 and 56 and some have even said 42. Those who have remembered the advert will come up with an age of 56 thinking that I was 16 when I started in the business. Even 56 is 13 years too little but the essence of what they are saying is that I look far younger than my actual age which is nice. Those who may not have seen or remembered the advert or perhaps have gotten my details from another source may ask how long I have been an electrician too thinking I started just a few years ago. They are very much surprised when I tell them. Most have no idea in which fields of the industry I have worked or have specialised and when I run off the list they are amazed. They begin to understand why it is that now I only take on small jobs. I am in fact versed in many things. When people call me on the telephone and then see me in person many of them are taken by surprise for they were expecting someone much younger. I got a call from a guy a few nights ago asking me if I was interested in doing a small job for him but unfortunately I had to refuse. He wanted an appliance repairing but I do not work in that field any longer and in fact it has been years since I was involved in such work. The thing is most electricians will specialise in what they do and it is only the larger companies who will be equipped for the many diversities that make up the electrical business. It would be impractical for an individual to multitask, at least in too many fields. The guy praised me for being honest with him in explaining the reasons why I don’t do appliance repairs. He asked the usual questions regarding how long I have been an electrician and when I told him he gasped, ‘Crikey love, I thought I was talking with a 20 year-old’. Evidently to some my voice over the telephone sounds much younger and more feminine than I had thought. So it should. I have a feeling he is going to call again to do some other work for him in the future.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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