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30.15 million viewers watched Den Watts serve ...
30.15 million viewers watched Den Watts serve Angie divorce papers (Eastenders Christmas 1986). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here in the UK we have a ‘soap opera‘ called ‘Eastenders‘ which supposedly centres around the lives of typical people living in the east-end of London. It is all a bit tongue-in-cheek but it does portray some of the things which might be a part of anyone’s life no matter where they live. This year and month mark the 30th anniversary of the series. As with most productions of this type there is much going on at any one time in the lives of the various characters but that is essential for the production to be entertaining. It would be a dull drama if nothing ever went on. It is broadcast for a half-hour four times a week under normal circumstances with repeat episodes on another channel or ‘On Demand‘ via the Internet for anyone who wants to catch-up on things. Early last year one of the young female characters (Lucy Beale) was murdered as the character was to be written out of the series and this was a good way for her to depart.

EastEnders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone who watches the episodes had been kept in suspense regarding who killed her until last Thursday when finally all was revealed. The normal half-hour of the ‘soap’ had been extended to an hour at the very end of which we got to see who the murderer was. Or did we? Well no, another special half-hour ‘flashback’ episode was broadcast an hour later where we discovered the real murderer was in fact not the woman we thought it was but her young son. He had killed his older sister. The plot thickens as they say. I never used to follow the series intently but a few years ago that casual viewing became a regular thing and now I watch it all the time. I was compelled therefore to watch Thursday evening’s episodes having waited for so long to find out who the murderer was. So there I was five minutes into the start of the evening’s viewing when out youngest son phoned to tell me that there would be a few visitors on Friday evening to view the car he is selling and could I make sure the interior was clean. He didn’t stop there but wanted to chat about unnecessary details. Nice timing son! He asked if I too was watching ‘Eastenders’ but still insisted on chatting away. I told him all would be fine and we would look after his request and that he should now hang-up so that I could watch the tv. Children do have a habit of calling at awkward times. So finally we nay see the car gone from our driveway after the six months it has been standing there. I told him when he first left it there that it would still be there six months later for he lacked the initial determination to sell it straight away.

Update: Of the four people who wanted to buy the car none turned up but gave some limp excuses through text messages. So unfortunately the car remains on the driveway for now.

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