At last

English: Crocuses and a bee
Crocuses and a bee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At last the sun is coming out more often. At last it is getting warmer each day and the garden is beginning to wake up. Snowdrops have been blooming for a couple of weeks as have the crocuses. Other dormant plants have begun to spring back into life, bluebells and Mombrecia leaves are well out of the ground. My neighbours daffodils have also sprung from beneath the grass at the far end of his lawn but it will be a while yet before they flower. We have a couple of Camellia shrubs in the front garden that have large flower buds eager to open in the next couple of weeks. It will soon be time to mow the lawn as the weather improves. The lawn in our rear garden, in fact the only lawn we have, was given a new lease of life late last year when we applied a moss, clover and other lawn-spoiling plant killing agent which fed the grass at the same time. It is now very lush and green though there is still some persistent moss and clover to be re-treated at the appropriate time. Then of course there are dandelions to be removed as they grow. Despite there being dedicated weed killers on the market it is often best to actually dig these fast growing plants out by hand. We have a special tool for the job but it does leave a hole in the grass when the weed is removed. The holes have to be filled in with soil and are soon repopulated with grass in a week or so.

English: Snowdrops and crocuses Pictured along...
Snowdrops and crocuses Pictured along the roadside near the Glenpark Road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For someone who admits to not actually liking gardening I am finding I am beginning to enjoy it. It is good exercise and it is out-of-doors in the fresh air. As I write this on a warming sunny afternoon on Thursday I am tempted to get out into the garden to potter about but I am a little tired after the morning’s electrical work. Soon though, soon. For the time being I will just admire Nature at it’s best.

Shirley Anne