Finally! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things have been sluggish for me lately but I think I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. Exactly one week after my last electrical job I received a request to do a small job on Thursday in another town twelve miles away. Having quoted my minimum price, which was accepted, I went along to do the job the following day as asked. That one job is just enough to pay the cost of my advertisement for the one week. At least I am not running at a loss! In reality my previous weeks of  profitable gain would in any case allow me to take a few weeks off before I would start to make a loss. It meant though that I had a week free to myself. I am happy to see that work is once again beginning to trickle in if only to relieve the boredom. There is work to do in and around the house but at this moment in time I am reluctant to do anything at home until E changes her attitude. It has been difficult to take an interest in anything at home lately so I have been getting away from the house more and more. I have spent therefore more time dining out and going for walks or shopping but what I really want to do is what I enjoy the most and that is my work at home or in my electrical job. The weather hasn’t been too good for getting out and about but it is finally but slowly improving. My bank accounts are healthy once more, not that they were anything otherwise but it has at last been possible to save more now my main annual expenditure has ceased and with the prospect of more electrical work that should continue to improve. Hopefully with the coming of Spring there will be improvements all round on the home front. If nothing else the sunshine will produce a sense of well-being! I am looking forward to it. I know in that in the coming weeks I will be dusting off the lawnmower for use again and soon after then maybe I can begin to wear lighter clothing again just like the girl in the picture!

Update: that single job changed into three at different locations! You wait ages for a bus to come along then three arrive all at once!

Shirley Anne