April 11 2442

English: Total Solar eclipse 1999 in France. *...
: Total Solar eclipse 1999 in France. * Additional noise reduction performed by Diliff. Original image by Luc Viatour. Français : L’éclipse totale de soleil en 1999 faite en France. * Réduction du bruit réalisée par Diliff. Image d’origine Luc Viatour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Friday there will be a total eclipse of the Sun. Unfortunately from anywhere in the UK it will only be a partial eclipse though the further north you are more of the Sun will be covered by the Moon. The best place to see a total eclipsed Sun will be in the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic. The next time to see a total eclipse in the UK will be on September 23 2090 and it will happen in Cornwall. The next after then will be April 11 2442 over North Wales, Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire. There are anything up to five total solar eclipses each year and can be almost anywhere in the world. The opportunities to see it in the UK are very rare as you can see. Even if it is cloudy on Friday the effect should be very noticeable.

Shirley Anne


A walk

It was a very wet day here in Toronto, and the...
It was a very wet day here in Toronto, and the umbrellas were out in force as you can see from this lineup at the streetcar stop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the last few days the weather has turned colder, just a reminder I suppose that Winter hasn’t finished with us yet and that Spring will have to wait. It has also been wet and windy lately and not the kind of weather anyone wishes to be outside in unless it is absolutely necessary. However, I like going out for short walks and I am not usually put off by the weather but unfortunately I don’t have the rain-proof outer clothing I once had and have to make do with an umbrella if it is raining. When it is windy it means using the umbrella is sometimes an impossibility so I end up staying indoors and taking some exercise on my treadmill. The advantages of the treadmill are I remain dry, I can run, walk or jog and adjust the gradient as it pleases me. The exercise can be very demanding or more relaxed and I can even watch television or listen to the radio whilst doing it but I much prefer to be outdoors, at least for walks, especially if the day is warm and sunny. On Saturday morning I was feeling a little restless with nothing much to do and wanting to get outside for a walk. It was cold outside, no warmer than 6 deg C but there was almost no wind at all, ideal conditions for a walkabout without the need for special outdoor clothing other than that which would keep me warm. The walk replaced my lunch. I’d had porridge for an early breakfast and that is usually enough to keep me going until early evening so missing lunch is no big deal and in any case it is better for my health not to eat too much. I headed off toward town through the back streets rather than along the main route. There were few people about, probably because of the cold weather but more could be found in the town centre where there are plenty of shops to browse in. Eventually I turned back and headed for home but I thought I would drop into the pub on my way. I needed a drink, a soft drink, and I also needed the toilet! I had expected the place to be full as it usually is in the afternoon but surprisingly it wasn’t. I didn’t stay long, just enough time to have my drink and then I was off home. I thought the walk would have made me feel hungry but no so. It was evening before I next ate something.

Shirley Anne