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English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice
English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After yesterday’s feelings of disinterest,  boredom and a couldn’t be bothered attitude I woke up on Sunday morning feeling more positive. I went for a shower, got dressed and was downstairs by eight-thirty. I had a simple breakfast of one large pear and a drink of natural fruit and vegetable juice. Yes you read that right, the drink consisted mostly of carrot juice with smaller percentages of apple and orange juices. The ingredients are squeezed under a high pressure to produce the juice. Nothing else is added, nothing at all and it is then sealed in an airtight plastic jar. I have to say the flavour was something to get used to but unless E can source some more I doubt it will be on the menu in future. She obtained a couple of free samples of these new drinks a few weeks ago but we left them refrigerated without trying any of them. We normally have similar drinks but they are solely made from fresh pressed fruit. Anyway that was breakfast. I wanted to get out into the lovely sunshine again but left doing that until late morning. I played guitar for some time and messed about on my computer, though I did spend some time reading The Bible on the computer and not just reading emails and such. My Bible sits on the coffee table in the lounge but most of the time I read it on-line as it is easier. Anyway by eleven-thirty I had put on my coat and was out of the front door to start my walk. This time I walked much further than I had done the previous day and I was beginning to feel a little hungry around one o’clock. I could have dined out somewhere but Sunday lunchtime in Southport is not my idea of an enjoyable meal whenever it is a warm and sunny day as most everywhere is packed with day-trippers and their children, something I prefer to avoid. I decided to head off to the pub on my way back home and I could have dined there but they were showing football on the television in the only place available, the bar area. I had a non-alcoholic beer and left for home. Surprisingly by the time I reached home I was no longer feeling hungry so I left-off eating until late afternoon. The first three days of the week would see me busy doing my electrical thing so I was glad I’d had the opportunity to take some quality leisure time for myself.

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